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“ They are a lot of fun! ”

“ You'll get addicted! ”

“ Can't live without them! ”

Spanish Water Dog's Breeding

I always had a passion for animals especially dogs. I was looking for the perfect dog. I wanted it to be funny, intelligent, resistant, not too big, not too small, should not shed, low maintenance and shoud be known for good health. Big challenge!!! After lots of reseach, I found the Spanish water dog!! I read everything I found on Spanish Water Dogs. The more I read, the more I felt in love with them. I got in touch with one of the best breeder in Europe and decided to adopt a male name 'Enzo and a femeale 'Enjoy.

I quickly became addicted , they are simply fantastic!!!

Our dogs live on a farmhouse, in a family environment with other dogs and horses. They are a part of our life. They come with us on a hiking trail or equestrial trial. They live in the stable during the day where they can also enjoy the outside kennel. At night, they live with us in the house, They adapt so easily!!!